Our firm

Established in 2002, Croesus can now be best described as a regional firm, with two fully qualified advisers (including Appointed Representatives) and experienced support staff.

Our wealth of experience allows us to provide clients with an efficient service backed up by the latest technology, whilst also providing individual, tailor-made and personal service. This is delivered by one of our very experienced advisers. Each of our advisers has over 25 years industry experience. They are supported by an administration team, who themselves have over 30 years experience between them.

Croesus was the King of Lydia from 560 to 546 BC, a Greek God of considerable wealth who commissioned the Temple of Artemis. He was also responsible for the introduction of coinage. Croesus was so wealthy; his name became synonymous with wealth. Thus, Croesus is the subject of the simile “rich as Croesus”. But it’s not just about the creation and management of our clients wealth that drives us. Providing a quality, common sense and understandable service is also of considerable importance.

Here’s 10 reasons to choose Croesus:

Experience – Over 50 years of advisory experience backed up by experienced administration staff.

Independent – Whole of market advice, focusing on your needs and aspirations. Bespoke and unbiased advice.

Minimum Service Guarantees – Our service propositions detail the level of service you can expect…as a guaranteed minimum.

Free Initial Consultation – See us, speak to us, like us and use us. Our initial meeting confers no obligation

Advisory Services – The range of advisory services offered ensures that all of your plans are focused and consistent with one another and that they together achieve your objectives. A truly holistic approach can be taken.

Clear and Understandable – Clear, concise advice, cutting the jargon down to size and delivered in a personable manner, tailored to your needs.

Industry Leading IT – Our industry leading back office system allows us to be fully focused on client service – delivering all that is promised by your adviser.

Expert Knowledge Always Updated – Rigorous compliance and ongoing training programs mean that we can be confident in the advice offered by our advisers.

Cost Transparency – You will always be aware, in advance, of what charges or fees apply to the advice and planning that we provide and how these impact on the recommendations that we make.

Clients are Key – We recognise the importance of client service. We are committed to building a lasting relationship with our clients to allow us the opportunity to provide further advice as client circumstances change and to see their long held objective