Financial planning process

First appointment

Upon appointment our first step will be to start to prepare a financial plan tailored to your particular requirements and situation.

Setting goals

We will spend some time talking with you to identify your goals over the short, medium and long term.  After that we will find out details about your specific circumstances, and build up a comprehensive picture of your situation which we can then analyse. 

Action plan

This leads on to the formation of an action plan on how you can best reach your stated goals.  Our report will explain the approach we have taken and why.

The next stage is to implement that plan step by step, and we will give guidance on the most suitable way to go about this, which can include recommending products available on the market at the current time. 

Regular reviews

Progress needs to be revised at regular intervals which we will agree with you, and adjustments made as necessary, depending on changes in circumstances or your initial goals.

You might like to browse our Life Stages guide, within this section, helpful in starting to consider financial matters at your stage of life.