What we offer

We aim to offer all our clients

  • an efficient, first-class, professional service while retaining the personal touch
  • the benefit of our years of experience and study
  • a plan tailored to your specific requirements, reviewed and adjusted over time
  • research and administration backed up by the latest techonology
  • assurance of our confidentiality and trustworthiness

The world of financial services can be confusing and overwhelming, as there are so many different (and changing) aspects to consider. Changes to your circumstance, to taxation or legislation could all have an impact on the plans that you have established. It is therefore important that having decided on a course of action, your plans are reviewed to make sure that they react to these changes or that they are still on target to achieve the original objective. It is for this reason that we have established service propositions which both promise and deliver.

We have three propositions available. Your financial adviser will discuss these with you and help you choose the one most appropriate for your needs. Click the links below to find out more.

Our Investment Process

Depending on your instructions we will carry out a needs analysis based on your current situation, and taking into account any specific plans and/or targets you may have. We will then advise you on anything from a short term financial objective to a lifetime financial plan, followed up with regular reviews.

You will receive professional advice about where your financial arrangements are already good, and where they’re inadequate (or not covered at all). This advice will be delivered in a manner which cuts through the industry jargon and makes it easier for you to understand. You’ll also have our help to decide how much provision you need to make, and the order of priority in dealing with your finances. And of course it will all be sensibly balanced in relation to your current income and your prospects.

Fundamental to this is your attitude to investment risk. Attitude to risk is a phrase used to describe a person’s approach to investment and what level of risk they consider to be acceptable. Each person’s attitude to risk will depend upon their own circumstances, views and investment time horizons. But, it doesn’t end there. Circumstances change and so a regular review will be needed.

Our 4 stage process is designed to cover all of these issues. The key stages are:

• Establishing your risk profile

• Selecting the correct balance of assets

• Selecting the correct funds to suit the balance of assets

• Monitoring the assets and making appropriate changes to reflect any change in circumstances.

Benefits of becoming a client

Our investment process

The Wealth Management Service

Ideally suited to those who want to have the benefit of an independent adviser look at their existing plans and make recommendations as to how to achieve their future financial goals.

Transactional service

This service is designed for those who simply want an Independent Adviser to transact financial transactions for you but prefer to manage your own affairs and only have contact with your adviser when necessary.

Services to trustees

The services we provide to trustees are designed to reduce the onerous liability that is part and parcel of this role.